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through our region. the entire area remains under a thunderstorm watch. thanks for joining us at 6 i am will thomas. let's get right to it. gwen tolbart is in the weather center tracking the storms. >> it has been a very busy afternoon will. the storms started firing up into the early afternoon hours, areas to the northwest and have become fairly widespread as the system pushes through to the south and southeast. let's begin with a look at radar all centered around that frontal system you see there, that system being the trigger for everything happening coming into our warm, humid air mass across the region, causing things to fire up. we have a severe thunderstorm watch for the entire viewing area, in effect until 10. let's go to sentinel radarrings on max one for you here, you can see we have a little bit of an area to the south, just seems to be now like it is really firing up a lot. a little bit of upper level rotation, that definitely is worth watching and then as we take a closer look towards the northeast, we are talking about areas that definitely have hail alert s with them and
evening and good to have you with us. i'm will thomas. it's been more than a week since that storm uprooted trees, hundreds of them, in fact, destroying countsless countless homes. gwen, good evening. >> good evening, well. we do have a very hot day today and that create add very hot, humid air mass across our region. now we have a front tall system that's moving through. let's show that you radar. that frontal system now well to the north of us intersecting pennsylvania where they are already seeing storms that are starting to kick up. that storm will move its way across our area as we move into sunday. with that front entering that very cold air mass, we could see some strong storms across the area. satellite radar composite showing you not a lot happening for us right now. expect to see some cloudy skies tonight we are, as i said, under the run for that we are under a slight risk of severe weather for tomorrow. we'll have to keep our eyes on the skies in terms of it. ed cold front will slowly move its way through. the cold front will move through by tomorrow afternoon and they w
night, we had some again last night, they forced u.s. capitol police to evacuate the west lawn of the capitol identify short time. rehearsals were being held for tonight's capitol 4th concert. thins started back up again shortly after 10:30. >>> if you plan to head out to the mall for tonight's july 4th celebration, your bet bet is to make metro. if you are driving though, keep in mind, there are lots of road closures and parking restrictions. there is a full list on under web links. >>> time to get the latest on the weather. can you believe who we have sitting next to us. >> it has been a while. >> tony perkins. >> see if we can get this done in a rather smooth manner. >> i'm sure we can. >> tucker is on his way to nationals park. he will be there broadcasting later on in the show. of a got the weather duty. and tell you about a for you la today too. so we'll watch the skies, keep our fingers crossed. let's start with hd radar. we can show you what is happening out there as we speak. we do have some showers up to the north. they're really breaking autopsies the mor
a serious dispute and an acknowledgement by the u.s. that mistakes were made. nbc's jim miklaszewski joins us tonight from the pentagon with more. jim, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, natalie. that bitter dispute exploded last november, when american air strikes mistakenly killed 24 pakistani troops. when the u.s. refused to apologize, pakistan closed down two critical supply lines into afghanistan. and vital shipments were backed up at the border. today those routes were reopen, when secretary of state hillary clinton told pakistan, we are sorry for the loss of pakistani forces. u.s. officials insist this was not an apology, but it was good enough for pakistan. those routes supply american troops with just about everything they need to survive, and will be just as critical to ending the war. they're the same routes american forces will take to withdraw from afghanistan over the next two years. natalie? >> jim miklaszewski at the pentagon for us tonight, thank you. >>> the fda has approved a new over the counter test for hiv that can be used at home, and gets results in about a ha
are telling us that this started with an 911 call from the suspect's mother. police identified the suspect as 21-year-old andre mccoy. it began at the 4700 block of lakeland road. the mother made the call to police saying she believed her son was high on pcp acting erratically. the suspect walked out with his mother with a gun in his hand. that is when the they say he noticed police. at that point, he fled at area and made his way to the corridor in college park. police tell us it was an involved seen at several different locations. they tell us that they tried to apprehend him several times deploying their weapons, even using a taser not once but twice, but at he was able to avoid that and continue on the move. it was more than five minutes they were trying to apprehend a suspect. he tried to get into not one but two police cruisers. he was finally able to get inside one of them and sped off. >> finally, he was able to put it into drive. he crashes into a brick wall about two and half, three feet high in front of the mcdonald's on route one bit that is 18 to 10 police officers were able t
approaching baltimore. most of the activity has been south of us and to the west of us, but again we have a chance for some active weather this evening because it has been so hot and muggy. now tonight expecting partly cloudy conditions, still muggy with some isolated thunderstorms, some strong or severe, temperatures falling to the 70s. we'll talk more about the heat and bigger storms a little bit later. back to you. >>> life just is not getting easier for people who still don't have electricity. six days without power is really taking its toll. peggy fox is live in arlington now with more. peg? >> reporter: well, i tell you what, this neighborhood is lucky they just got their power back on. power crews from ontario left about 45 minutes ago and everybody around here had a big smile. let me tell you it's been a rough six days. a cluster of homes here on kenmore street in clarendon have had to do without. they've been using coolers and ice to keep a small amount of food cold. they've been shutting cartons during the day and opening windows at night. this woman was prepared with her batte
derecchio. they have lots of questions. >> did they use outside crews efficiently. the bottom line d they restore power as quickly as other utilities in. >> reporter: in its own defense, pepco said the derecchio was a big storm not predicted and the utility did the best it could considering. >> this 4.3 million customers that were impacted over 700 miles and 10 states felt the storm as we did. we experienced over 200 wires down, 242 polls that had to be replaced and 214 transformers that had to be replaced. >> reporter: the public service commission is promising tough enforcement if necessary and said now regulations requiring penalties if new standards are not met and should be helpful but it's just beginning the investigation. >> i don't know if there are, if there are violations of our law or regulations. i don't know if there are practices that could be improved or need to be improved. >> reporter: council members and customers who turned up for the hearing are not letting pepco off of the hook. >> and i think it's fine to talk about things like undergrounding and hiring new li
to blame for a u.s. airways flight getting stuck in the tarmac at reagan national ain't. look at this. huffington post says -- airport. look at this. huffington post says this is a photo of the tires stuck in asphalt. this is incredible. we're told the 35 passengers and three crew members on board had to get off the plane so a tow vehicle could budge the jet out of the rut. the charleston, south carolina flight eventually took off after a three-hour delay. >>> pepco says anyone who lost power in the storm nine days ago has finally gotten it back. crews made the last of the connections overnight. now a customer has start an online petition asking pepco ceo joe rigby to bury the power lines using annual profits. the petition says pepco made $68 million in profit in the first three months of the year. a study by the electric power research institute says it would cost between 5 and $15 million per mile to bury the lines. >>> monitoring metro tonight after a derailment on the grand green line on the green line, metro says it's back up and running. the line was shut down between ft. totten
and will also give us cloud cover later on this afternoon. i'm forecasting highs today moving into the middle range 90s. for most of us we could see the upper 90s toward the south and he is with. over the next three days it is a code yellow weather alert day. we will have the opportunity for late day showers and thunderstorms. we'll keep temperatures around the middle 90s but the 7-day forecast gives us an opportunity for steady and heavy rain coming through on the fourth of july. we'll monitor that for you. monika? >> reporter: scattered power outages and signal lights out all around the metropolitan area. i'm going to tell you how many signal lights are out until they are all fixed. let's go back over to the graphic. if you are planning to head over to the beltway, and around town, you are going to be okay. but first, let's just go here. inbound on i 66, hov restrictions were lifted inside the beltway today to help everybody out and also construction from overnight was canceled because of the scattered power outages. the dulles toll road 66 and the beltway, let me tell you about the signal
as they try to get off are pretty horrifying. they saw the worst of human nature some people told us. people, men shoving women and children out of the way in an effort to get into life rafts. they also say they saw the best in human nature for people trying to do their best. the violinist tried to save as many kids as he could. he ended up dying because of his efforts to save children. >> i'm really looking forward to this piece tonight. thanks so much. a reminder to our viewers that your special runs tonight. it's cnn presents cruise to disaster. 8:00 eastern time. some exclusive new images and details. make sure you tune in. >>> top of the hour now. i'm ashleigh banfield. i'm standing in for brooke baldwin. this is one of the hottest 4th of julys on record. it is steaming out there. extreme heat paralyzing much of the midwest and all the way up to the dakotas too. the heat index racing up into the 115s. the death toll from the heat and related storms now reaching 20. the virginias, in particular, having a terrible time. in some cases police are having to hand out ice. hundreds of thousand
flooding. out to the west out into west virginia, eastern ohio, showers and storms and that will bring us a round of heavy showers and thunderstorms. we already have a flash flood watch issued for most of the area here west of the chesapeake bay starting at 12:00 noon today. look out for that potential later this afternoon and tonight. i think your morning hours are fine but by mid- to late afternoon, look out for the showers. some of those will be heavy. 87 your daytime high in washington. 89 in fredericksburg. >> we've been getting used to it with all the power outages if you come across any traffic signals that are dark, please be sure to use those as a four- way stop. we are following the situation here traveling the inner loop at 201. disabled vehicle here and some activity off to the right shoulder t look like everybody is moving past it at much better speed now. your delays should be easing out from college park heading into greenbelt. on the outer loop from college park heading into silver spring, you are in good shape. 66, new accident here. this is just prior to route 50 fair oa
offering a place to wait out the very hot days. bob gray is getting his dog used to the neighborhood around the inn in bethesda, because they're going to be there a while. power is out in his neighborhood, and he's made a reservation through next sunday. >> i'm a meteorologist, i work for noaa. so i saw it coming and i made reservations before it hit. >> reporter: oh, you had insider trader information, right? >> yes, i did. >> reporter: the lines of cars waiting to check in at some hotels stretched down the block. it was standing room only at the reservation counter. bob hogueland was lucky enough to snap up one of the last available rooms for his family. they couldn't spend a single night in their 17th floor apartment with no electricity. >> pretty bad up there. and our generator didn't work, either, so no elevators. had to walk up and down the stairs. >> reporter: two days after the storm, and katrina is still cleaning up. after hurricane-strength winds toppled trees in her yard, igniting the power lines outside her window. >> the tree that was laying on the wires actually snapped under
around. showers and storms rumbled through early on this morning for some of us. our current forecast calls for a little bit more sunshine later on this afternoon. outside right now, we are sitting at 80 degrees at reagan national. by noon time most of us will be at or near 90 degrees. making it to the lower range flints there is a thunderstorm warning now as this heavy cell and heavy downpour moves off to the east. temperatures this morning are fairly mild. we are going to put things up into the 90s. not quite as hot as we have been seeing over the past through days. we will hold the middle 90s. by the time we get toward the end of the week, there is a slight warm up particularly as we go from friday into saturday. monika? >> reporter: if you are traveling around town, obviously you are going to find there is debris on your secondary roads. a lot of road closures this morning. if you are planning to head on the major thoroughfares at least a couple of things will help you out. hov restrictions are lifted on i-27 0 and 66 inside the beltway. public transportation as far as we
told us he plans to move out. d.c. crews were looking for ways to prevent future flooding and they're making sandbags available. >> the growing frustration over pepco's response to the storms has maryland's public service commission under fire. a petition racked up more than 2000 signatures calling on martin o'malley to fire the members of the team calling them "asleep at the wheel." dominion had restored -- restore power to 67% while pepco only 43%. >> a massive oak fell tuesday night killing a businessman. the tree crashed his car as he sat stuck in rush-hour traffic on georgetown pike. efforts to trim the tree ended up making a lopsided. crews cut down the nearby tree that had a similar issue. the death is being called a freak accident. >> the man accused of murder for trayvon martin said he would do nothing differently. george zimmerman spoke on fox news saying that -- martin punched him and then he went for his gun. >> he said, you are going to die tonight [beep]. he took his hand off of my mouth and i felt it going toward my belt and my holster and that is when i did not have
during our talk today using his most turn language yet that he says mitt romney needs to come clean. >> harry truman said, the buck stops with you. my understanding is that mr. romney attested to the ftc multiple times he was the chairman ceo and president of bank capital. i think most americans figure if you are the chairman, ceo and president of a company then you are responsible for what the company does. ultimately, mr. romney is going to have to answer those questions because if he aspires to being president, one of the things you learn is by you are ultimately responsible for the conduct of your operations. that is probably a question he will have to answer. i think that is a legitimate part of the campaign. >> in the think he should answer that soon? >> absolutely. >> the president goes a comments to us during that interview getting a quick and decisive reaction from the mayor romney camp. mitt romney says it is chicago politics at its worst. he said -- so this war of words only intensifying. it will not go away anytime soon as we continue to look at the topic of mitt romney
so fragile. also it will be putting a strain on the power and all of us with this dangerous heat tomorrow. >> thank you. there are still thousands of people in the area without power from last week's storm. at the unbearable temperatures to that and is just awful for them. >> seven nights, and 7 days. no power. no air-conditioning. people are thinking about taking action against pepco. first they have to get their lives back together. >> day 7, it has been to court -- terrible since day one. >> she has lived in her home for nearly 50 years. she cannot ever remember a week like this past week and she blames pepco. >> yesterday my house was 104. so i told them i was going out to -- i and sweltering. " they have been sleeping in the basement. their only relief is a fan powered by a generator. >> it makes it five degrees cooler. >> nobody in seven days has shown up in this area. >> across town its savior has had enough of the heat and -- xavier has had enough of pepco. >> despite multiple calls the power is still out. >> you feel like you are putting in all your new information but n
as a people to heal around green plants, as the grass grows. we heal a little better. for us it's a giant green blanket that's covering our heros and comforting their families and once a year we get to come here and tuck them. in. >> reporter: at arlington national cemetery, kristin fisher, 9 news now. >> what change from just 24 hours ago. we were talking record breaking triple digits. top, we didn't hit 90 today and it felt so good. >> 102 yesterday, 87 today officially. that's quite a difference. that's about average. let me talk about those storms yesterday. the wind gusts south of us and fredericksburg, this came to us from spotsylvania, hail, pretty big hail. this is of spotsylvania. this was from wendy ellis. you can see how big the hail is, almost 1 1/4 itch, about the size of a quarter -- 1 1/4- inch, about the size of a quarter. the rest of us are enjoying a very nice evening, no worries what you see around town. in green there is simply a little propagation, if you will, ground clutter. 84 now, 86 frederick, 84 leesburg, 82 manassas and fredericksburg. this is a great evening
in this neighborhood have been waiting for power. people tell us they want to sleep in their own beds, turn on their tv's. tonight some of their homes are being restored. the storms path of destruction will be felt for months in some cases. the wind uprooted a giant tree in the backyard of the harsh family. it went into the second story where they were sleeping, but they managed to get out just in time. >> my wife was in front of me. we were running down the steps and trying to get in the basement. we didn't know what was going on. it was pretty scary. >> utility workers tell me they are putting in 10 to 12 hour days and sometimes much longer. the number one beef we're hearing from customers out on the streets is all about communication. finding out from the power companies when your next restoration and how long it will take. brian. >> bad news for fourth of july plans in some communities. kensington, germantown, gaithersburg, all have canceled their fireworks celebrations. it is because of the on going affects of friday night's storm. u.s. capital police evacuated the rehearsal tonight because of
in billing when customers use less electricity because of energy conservation. this is the official maryland public service commission order that put the charge into law in january. and take a lock at this wording. right there on the original intent of this payback, it was to encourage utilities for energy efficiency. montgomery county officials were some of very few who spoke against utilities using the order supporting energy conservation, to reimburse utilities when no energy is going through your meter. >> it adds insult to injury. to say to a customer, you lost power for six or seven days. you thrown out all the food in your refrigerator and being told you'll pay extra because pepco lost money because they weren't delivering any electricity. >> montgomery county argued the bill stabilization adjustment eliminated the incentive for them to restore lost service. the order did limit the reimbursement to cover only the first 24 hours. prior to that, it was open ended. allowing pepco to get nearly $1.4 million for july 2010 blackout. delmarva, more than 35,000. and bge, more than $81,000.
reservoir and arizona. basically headed into georgetown. can't do it this morning. use mcarthur boulevard as the work around due to storm damage and cleanup. if you are traveling over enterprise road, blocked off between 450 and 50 due to wires down across the highway. again, various situations across town. wires down, standing water to deal with along hunter mill road, south of sunrise valley. number of signals are still dark. be patient making your drive into work today. hov listed on 270 and 66 inside of the beltway to alleviate the tieups. it was a help this morning. things will change by tomorrow. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> thank you so much. there are quite a few closures due to the damages and power outages. the federal government is open today, with an unscheduled leave and unscheduled telework policy in effect. nonemergency federal workers must notify their job if they plan to take leave or telework. maryland state workers can use their liberal leave. montgomery county government is open, d.c. government is open, prince george's county open with liberal le
, fill up your bathtub and a lot of that is so you can use that water to restore water pressure to a toilet if you have lost your electricity. we have some numbers from west virginia. about a third of the state gets their water and people are reporting water service loss, low pressure. they are getting boil water advisories because when they have that low pressure the water sits in the pipe. bacteria can get in. brian todd is seeing a lot of folks storing water for dripging water and daily use. about 20% of the state'sulati population isn't connected to water service. they use wells. these are the problems people are facing several days into the power outages as well as the heat that you've been talking about because you think first about the lights and then people start to think about water. you can go without right, but you can't go without water. >> you can go as well, for the most part, without fan or ac but that can also be lethal. you mention the boil water advisory. that's fine and dandy but how do you boil the water if you don't have the power which leads to the piling o
, transportation officials are pleading with commuters to use public transportation. many already made the decision yesterday. >> definitely not commuting tomorrow. it's not worth it if. >> northern virginia still dealing with 100 traffic signals out. more than half the traffic signals in montgomery county have been out for the entire weekend. at least 400 were still in the dark as of last night. the government is urging state workers to stay off the roads to stay home. many downed trees and power lines still blocking roads in gaithersburg and silver spring and rockville. officials have lifted the hov restrictions on interstate 270 and 66. at connecticut avenue you have to treat these intersections as four-way stops. you have to help out the police. for example, on connecticut avenue, the far lanes are being used as a two-way traffic because all the southbound lanes are closed. be careful. you have two-way traffic, something that's not familiar on connecticut avenue. more than 400 traffic signals still out this morning. john gonzalez reporting, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. maybe your best option
. we got off of the phone with i mayor -- with the mayor and he tells us they have arranged this special session and talk about the problems. the mayor here in fairfax city only took august july 1st, the day after all of these storms hit his town. >> and he has a big job he's facing. thank you. >>> the d.c. firefighter's union wants to know who ordered an engine company out of service last friday that -- filled up a private pool in southeast. it was done as the mayor was declaring a state of emergency in the city. paul wagner joining us with that story from engine 30. paul? >> reporter: brian, less than 24 hours after the storm that roared through the city leaving tens of thousands of people in the dark, someone, apparently at the highest levels of the fire department, ordered engine 30 here behind me out of service and told the subject to drive his pumper up to fiftyth northeast and fill a private pool. this is the pool firefighters were told to fill. it sits in the back home of the 300 block of 54th street northeast. how the home owner was able to get an engine company to
4 meteorologist veronica johnson joins us with the first forecast. veronica another hot, humid, sticky day. >> we're seeing a north and northeasterly wind and that is allowing some of the dew point and moisture to start mixing out of here. as far as the temperatures go, today we started out slightly higher than we did yesterday. we failed to drop below 82 degrees and we missed the record high low temperature by 1 degree. 93 is where we are right now with a northeast wind, again, at 3 miles per hour. that dew point temperature 57 degrees and we're getting a little bit of a break now, i like that. but i still expect the actual air temperature to take us into the upper 90s to right around 100 degrees in many neighborhoods today. take a look. it's 88 right now in leesburg and 9d 3 in d.c. and 90 in culpeper and around new carrollton and the temperature currently 91 degrees. that heat index value, again, cooperating for right now. low to mid-90s currently and expect to see the air temperature top out, again, right near 100 degrees. feels like later today, 105. could be excessive and
immature to judge us. we're in the middle of one of the largest restorations ever, particularly for a non- hurricane event and this is an emergency situation. this is not a normal storm by any sense and the force of the storm is ripping trees from the routes and breaking polls in half and -- poles in half. it's difficult but difficult for our customers. we know they're suffering in the near-record hot. we understand that and we'll continue to move forward. >> reporter: why when someone gets a call that says it might be a week before they get their power o how do you explain that to them? >> what we trying to do there is when you say several days, that is difficult in itself. when you use the word weak, that is a bitter billpo -- pill to wall so -- swallow and won't that to be transparent as possible and we want them to manage their expectations and to make emergency plans as necessary and we wanted them to know up front where we were, where we're going, the state of the infrastructure in the system to plan ahead. hopefully we can get as many people as we can before the end of the week and
is slowly improving for some. news 4's megan mcgrath joins us live from bethesda with more. meg megan. >> reporter: it is slowly xwlooufing and people noticed this morning as they drove into work, but we have a major problem. here in montgomery county there are 240 traffic signals without electricity. we're here at the intersection of old georgetown and democracy boulevard. we have state police here directing the traffic. well, that's helped to ease the situation at this intersection. there are plenty of other intersections that did not get this kind of attention. people had to use their judgment and come to a stop when they came up to a dark signal. needless to say, it made for a tough commute for a lot of folks. >> there's no light, and it's just a mess. >> reporter: hundreds of intersections including major ones like randolph road and connecticut avenue were without traffic signals this morning. >> i had to make a detour off connecticut avenue p because all the lights were out as far as i could see. so, i mean, i'm just trying to get to work. >> reporter: police directed traffic in
of the game right now. >> for all of us, it remains hot. the high temperature at reagan national airport was 99 degrees. on top of this heat, we also have a risk of some storms around our area tonight. >> we are on storm watch. >> steve, what is the latest? >> the thunderstorms, the severe thunderstorms about 45 minutes ago, have now fizzled out. take a look at the super doppler radar. that is where that storm was originally warning -- to stay very small cluster at this point. we do have some storms to the north of us in frederick. the watches, no warnings it just a heated vice three until 9:00 tonight. -- just a heat advisory until 9:00 tonight. more details coming up in just a few minutes. >> do not forget to check for the latest weather information. if you are heading out for the evening, and you can download the app for your smart phone. thousands of people are dealing with the heat as they prepare for the big fourth of july show on the national mall. >> the heat is not stopping them that is for sure. >> a lot of people -- the numbers are down for this july 4. it could be th
! >> that is dramatic video. for some of us last night, tucker barnes is joining us with what is ahead today. >> quieter weather after last night, two to three inches of rain in a short period of time is what caused the problems. but let's get to local weather for your day, and looking quieter. temperatures still on the warm side, but we're not dealing with any extreme heat, and i don't think we'll see much in the way of rain showers, wind from the north and east at 5, and winds off the ocean that we think will keep things dry, stabilizing the atmosphere for us. there's your radar, generally quiet. there are sprinkles out there. but the trends will be keeping things dry. i think even later this afternoon, just partly sunny conditions. could there be a rain shower? yes, but that will be well to the west as you get into the shenandoah mountains. you have the best chance for a shower. partly sunny skies, highs near 90, winds will be shifting from the south and south and east at 5 miles an hour. more details on the weekend forecast in a couple of minutes. >>> big story, corruption allegations being waged ag
the club is just one business. >> i actually use the word cooling center. i said treat us as a cooling center. those people without electricity could have been coming here. >> as sunday turned to monday and monday turned to tuesday, pepco was nowhere to be found. >> all i could think, when this is all over, they will hear from us. >> they have been without power since friday w. a tree branch stripped a power line from their home. but no number of calls to pepco can convince them their home is not connected. >> 14 or 15 calls at least. and how many times have they told you that your power is back on? >> that started yesterday. at least six calls they've told me your power is up and going. everybody has their power. >> james says he is trying to maintain his composure, but he is now at his wit's end. >> it drives me nuts. they argue with me on the phone. >> two cars were destroyed and a home scorched when power lines were energized by mistake, lineman have strung new lines and power was restored last night. >>> and the general manager of the club is telling me that pepco is tell
worse. we're checking more headlines coming up. stay with us. max! ( dog barking ) this is the plan that revolves around you. introducing share everything. unlimited talk. unlimited text. and a single pool of shareable data that powers up to 10 devices. the first plan of its kind. share everything. only from verizon. . >>> making headlines, the train carrying coal derailed north of chicago n. all, 31 cars came off of the tracks. a bridge over a stretch of road collapsed in the process and it's not known whether the bridge collapse came first or not or if the derailment gave the bridge to give way. no one was injured and that train office way from wyoming to wisconsin. >> tensions are heating up between iran, and the key allies. the iranian media reported the country threatened to destroy u.s. base throughout the middle east and target israel if the jewish state were to attack. the threat came during a military drill, which included the firing of ballistic missiles. the u.s. and israel have been trying to stop iran's nuclear development. >>> crews battling wildfires across the west a
killer. thanks for joining us tonight at 10:00. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm laura evans. the shooting spree erupted during a midnight showing of the dark knight rises. >> 70 people were shot, 12 dead and 50 others are hurt. >> we have complete coverage of the movie theater massacre, bob barnard and maureen umeh both working this one. police in colorado just updated the media in the last hour. >> that's right telling us investigators will wait until tomorrow to enter the suspect's apartment in aurora because it's rigged with explosives that they need to >> reporter: safe somehow. the city's police chief says 30 shooting victims remain hospitalized tonight, 11 critically injured. the bodies of the 10 who died inside the theater have just recently been removed. two others died at the hospital. only one of them has been identified. >> we are hopeful that sometime in the next hour we will get a confirmed list of the 10 deceased and we'll begin the agonizing process of meeting with those families and confirming what has happened to their loved ones. >> it's an act that defies description. you ca
days. and d.c. police are expected to resume using breathalyzer machines to test blood alcohol levels. problems with reliability of machines has been fixed. >> it's going the be scientifically administers as opposed to lay people responsible for breast testing. >> reporter: reaction to the testifier laws? >> that incentive is the financial incentive. but it will be a deterrent. >> you are putting others at risk. if you take that risk you should have a harsher punishment. >> reporter: there are tougher penalties for repeat offenders. jim rosenfield, news4. jim and wendy? >>> it has been a calm night outside in the atmosphere but the threat of thunderstorms will be intensifying this week. doug is tracking the changes. >> we are looking a at beautiful night right now. currently at 79 degrees. winds out of the southeast at 8 miles an hour. it is gorgeous out there right now. we had couple of thundershowers and thunderstorms that developed during the day today. just a few left over in the blue ridge. but over the next couple days that threat is going to be on the increase. i'll show you wh
just left a plate sitting on my chest. geoff: like a fleshy bull's-eye. craig: that is a name i used once in my life. geoff: i remember that and i paid a lot of good money to see you. [laughter] craig: well, there goes your minute. [applause] captioned by the national captioning institute captions ]. [ stand by for captions ]. [ stand by for captions ]. cause just as soon as that fire is 100% out. garrett? >>> as you already know it was blazing hot out there today. tonight it is still miserable, especially if you do not have air-conditioner. and guess what? tomorrow another scorch relumes. it is still 92 degrees. can you believe that? it's ridiculously hot. anny, what is going on here. >> you can feel the humidity in the air still, derrick. when you factor in the humidity, it feels like we're still in the mid-90s right now. it feels like 97 degrees in downtown, loseburg 90, annapolis also 92, pax river in the lower 90s, and the dew point, are, 6 0s and 70s. that's as bad as we see it around here. here's a look at our dew point comfort index where you can see the 70
>>> good evening. thanks for joining us at 6:00 for our new hour long newscast. i'm will thomas i just keeps on coming. unreleapting heat and humidity somehow getting even worse. now we are officially in the midst of the hottest day in our stretch of extreme heat and still hundreds of people are without electricity. we're going to talk about that in just a moment. obviously, even if you do have power, the big challenge these days is staying cool. the possibility of more storms are in the forecast. gwen is here to tell us more. >> you are right. the challenge toys stay cool. these temperatures are very deadly. the heat in d.c. well over 100. we were breaking records. and take a look at my weather graphics. he mentioned storms tomorrow. that's exactly what's in my forecast. severe storms are possible tomorrow for our area. the main threat tomorrow will be the wind. there is a chance of some hail and, of course, we'll see the rain and lightning but the wind what is we'll have to be concerned about. as we take a look at our temperatures and where things landed into the course of today
later, a u.s. open victory with another win, making him of course the fourth multiple winner in the year on the tour. got a chance and, yes indeed. it's a two-shot lead heading to sunday for webb simpson. nick: that puts a little bit of pressure on him. he's a player who's meant to do it, meant to win now. that adds a little bit of -- as i say that, it's the pressure to sunday. if you're meant to be the guy to finish it off, you have to go out there and show everybody. >> he's interesting in a mickelson kind of way. i've followed webb quite a lot. he'll make mistakes every now and then that the average player might make but he has that brilliance that goes along with it. very interesting to watch. jim: birdied five of the last 12 holes to shoot 65. now jonathan byrd. nick: only even today. he got steamrolled by a lot of players. jim: you were saying he played well. >> he did. he was two over early and played the last few in a couple under. he's the kind of player that could shoot low tomorrow. jim: he's in that dangerous pack at eight under par. so 54 holes complete and the u.s. open cha
on the u.s. campaign trail. >>> epidemic warnings. whooping cough cases in this country are appearing at an whooping cough cases in this country are appearing at an alarming rate. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, july 20, 2012. >>> good morning everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. we begin this morning with the intensifying civil war in syria. on the diplomatic front, the u.n. security council is scheduled to vote today on the u.n. observer mission scheduled to end tonight. yesterday for the third time russia and china vetoed a resolution to end the conflict. assad appeared on television thursday for the first time since a rebel bomb killed three top government officials. rebel troops have captured parts of the capital and border crossings with iraq and turkey. there was fighting just a mile from the presidential palace and thousands of residents are fleeing damascus. an american official says the iranian backed militant group hezbollah is believed to be behind the bombing of an israeli tour bus in bulgaria. a suspect was caught on
but there was a disabled vehicle in the roadway as well. we have our delia goncalves out live telling us about the situation on the green line as well. maybe metro is going to be a better idea, delia? >> reporter: it sounds like it so far. they were reporting a 15-minute delay. however, good news to pass along to commuters on the green line this morning. no delays. crews were able to repair that train derailment -- i'm sorry, they were able to repair the portion of the track that caused the train derailment not too far away from this west hyattsville stop on friday. metro is blaming the extreme heat for expanding a portion of that rail so when the train passed by around 5:00 p.m. friday, it derailed inside the tunnel. prince george's county fire responded to the scene quickly and evacuated passengers safely. >> 95ems folks operating on the scene assisted in evacuating the 56 people from the train. our folks entered the tunnel from the station, walked down to the train, meet up with the conductor of the train, make sure they had to a face to face to know where the patients were. >> they were si
out but the neighbors tell us that they have packed up and have gone to visit relatives, most likely relatives with air conditioning. i'm beth parker, fox 5 news. >>> a dominion virginia employee told us this is the worst non-hurricane storm he's seen. look at the damage we found in arlington. one woman said a tree that fell on her shed knocked the whole thing off of the foundation before crushing her husband's car. dominion virginia has 4200 crews around the clock, 1200 from other states and 700 coming from canada tonight. the utility crews around the region working quickly to restore power to the customers. you heard it all but it's never fast enough, right? in arlington b24000 dominion virginia power home owners in the dark. david balkins, the director for dominion virginia joins us by phone. what are the big obstacles for you? start with the areas hardest hit. >> reporter: northern virginia took a hit and so did the shenandoah area n. northern virginia, lots of damage. we're working around the clock as hard as we can and making great progress, though, get into this neighborhood n
. >> the crash happened near davis airport in maryland. >> gary in your joins us live from the scene. >> reporter: the crash site is 40 miles into the woods behind me near the end of the runway at davis airport. it was a 1964 beechcraft model a-23. >> it had recently been inspected and found to be in good operating condition. >> reporter: the plane carried an experienced pilot and an experienced flight instructor. >> i assisted the gentleman in feeling the aircraft up with fuel. >> reporter: a helicopter instructor was behind them on the runway as they did the takeoffs and landings required to keep a pilot current. on the final attempt. >> he got airborne but didn't fly high or fast. it didn't appear he was high enough to clear the trees. >> it lost power through the noise that it made. >> we saw him take a right turn and stall the aircraft and spin to the ground. >> reporter: there was hope. >> and i ran away from the helicopter into the bushes to try to go find the airplane. >> reporter: the plane crashed into a thickly wooded area. >> i had a lot of difficulty getting even into the plane to be
perkins. >> i'm alison seymour. happy you're with us on this day. we say good morning to our good friend tucker barnes. >> good morning. you saw the fog, the mist, little cloud cover to start your day. should be decent afternoon. partly sunny this afternoon, with temperatures only topping out in the middle 80s. humidity 84%. winds out of the north and east at 7. pressure hanging out 30.01 inches. shower activity to our south and east. ocean city has had thunderstorm activity, beththy, dealing with cloud cover. mix of sun and clouds closer to washington. later this afternoon the possibility, like yesterday, of popup showers and storms. much of our day will feature at least partly sunny conditions and temperatures expected to be in the 80s. here's your planner for today. bring along an umbrella in case. won't rain all day. highs about 85 at 4:00 p.m. decent day temperature-wise. more details on the forecast in a minute. let's do traffic with julie wright. >> good morning, tucker. on the roads now, outer loop of the beltway slow past van dorn headed to the incident on the shoulder before yo
what kristen was mentioning to us, the president kicking off his bus tour tomorrow. pawlenty and jindal will bracketing with him and rob portman as well, traveling to new hampshire this weekend. no word if he'll be meeting with romney. where do we stand in terms of the what's the messaging we're looking for going forward as the president goes out there and tries to make the message, put the message out there, that romney is a jobs expovertier? >> of course, the message that the obama campaign has been pushing hard from the very beginning is attacking mitt romney's record at bain capital. and as controversial as that tactic has been from both republicans and democrats, most notably corey booker and bill clinton, that's really the lane that the obama campaign is staying in. and they're sort of attacking bain capital from every angle they can find, their latest political attack ad against romney focused on bain capital investing in companies that ship jobs overseas. and that's -- i think it's a strategy that's really been working for the obama campaign. he's been able to paint romney as so
cam in northwest washington. looks like a nice start to the day. tucker will tell us about that. don't get freaked out, but it' friday, july 13th, 2012. good morning, i'm tony perkins. don't get freaked out, i said. calm down. >> i'm alison seymour. you know, i believe in that stuff. >> do you really? >> i'll throw salt over my shoulder in a hot minute. >> don't aim it at me. >> tucker barnes, i'm going to try to be calm this day. >> okay, allison. >> how is the weather? >> weather will cooperate today. that is not cursed. let's get to it. latest conditions in washington, mid-70s. 76degrees now. humidity, 56%. much of the area waking up to temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. not a bad start temperature- wise. satellite radar checking in, and a lot of clouds moving in overnight. the system we've been talking about moving back in our direction as a warm front. pretty good rain showers into west virginia and a few have tried to sneak close to the washington area. light showers to the west and south this morning, but much of this is not touching the ground, just humid to start you
>>> hello and thank you for joining us. i'm j.c. hayward. well, the number of customers without power is dwindling but still not fast enough if you are still in the dark. so let's take a look at the latest numbers. commonon is reporting 78,000 customers without power in northern virginia. bge's website is reporting 159,000 of its maryland customers are without power and pepco has a total of 121,000 customers in washington, d.c. and maryland without power. one pepco customer is especially angry. he says that the utility company set his car on fire. delia goncalves reports now if silver spring. -- from silver spring. >> reporter: how are you feeling about pepco right about now? >> honestly i'm very upset. i think they created a very dangerous life-threatening situation. >> reporter: who would blame him? andrew already dealing with the headache of two damaged cars. crunched up by this massive tree that fell during the storm. now says when pepco restored power to the lines this morning, his cars went up in flames. >> their power lines were in direct contact with our cars. and when t
right. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's check the forecast with meteorologist lynette charles. >> good morning. let's check out what's going on, on maryland middle east powerful radar. we are dry around town. but, the further off we slide off towards the south and west, we have wet weather trying to push in from that area. your travels taking you back towards west virginia and virginia around harrisonburg we will see wet weather acrews the air -- -- across the area. some of this could die out before it reaches us. temperatures this morning, coming in at 69 in northville. 66 in west friendship. i will talk more about the warming trend coming up but right now let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. construction does continue on 895. just south of the harbor tunnel toll plaza. northbound lanes are clocking in at 54 miles per hour. checking in and looking at 95, up in white marsh, everything is nice and clear. not too many cars out there yet. there will be a nice easy ride headed into the
gilchrist. a 2.4 magnitude earthquake in louisa county early this morning. with just checked in with the u.s. geological survey. that quake hit at 12:43 this morning not far from mineral, virginia, central virginia. it was a 2.4 magnitude earthquake. people in the towns of luns is a and kent store report they felt the rumble inside their homes. no reports of injuries or damage right now. this quake was just about 4 1/2 miles east of the epicenter of last year's powerful earthquake. >>> this is the map right now of where that magnitude -- 2.4 earthquake hit right there in the epicenter near mineral county. this is the same area last year where that 5.8 magnitude shook that city and was felt throughout the east coast. >>> time for weather and traffic on the ones. tom kierein is here to talk about the difficult's forecast. >> no reports of rumbling around here. we had the sky overnight partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. right now it's partly cloudy right over the po triver. it's near 70 in the suburbs and rural areas. low to mid 60s now in the mountains. low and mid 70s around the bay where they'r
. most of those stay to the north and west of us, in the baltimore area, and things are actually pretty quiet for this evening. your wake-up weather tomorrow oh, yeah be prepared for another scorcher, 7:00, temperatures only cooling down into the 70s by 9. we are already in the 80s. it will feel like 90s when you factor in the humidity. i'll talk about how long this heat lasts. it gets worse before it gets better. back to you. >> thank you, anny. >>> well a two-year-old child beaten to death. her accused killer, a 12-year- old living under the same roof. it happened on tuesday. prince george's county police made the announcement today. kim molostino is live tonight at headquarters. investigators are just trying to make sense of it. ken? >> reporter: absolutely tragic information we learned. the name of this two-year-old victim is ania batchor. the name of her foster brother is not being released because of his age. a family home turned murder scene. it was inside a house here in the 1800 block of taylor avenue on wednesday that frantic 911 call went out to ania batchor. >> the father p
that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great tuesday. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, federal investigators headed to laytonsville maryland, to figure out what caused a small plane to crash killing one person and injuring another. good morning. it's tuesday, july 17. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. glad to be with you. let's check the forecast with meteorologist steve rudin. >> quiet conditions. a warm start. temperatures will remain above average for the next couple days. 81 degrees. at reagan national degrees clear skies to the west. mid 60's in oakland and cumberland, 70 in winchester. in terms of the satellite and radar, there's a cold front of to the north and west of us. that will impact our weather tomorrow. look at the project by temperatures -- projected high temperatures. approaching 100 at reagan national. temperatures will have a hard time falling below 80 degrees in many locations overnight. highs near 100 degrees tomorrow. the full fo
for joining us for a look at business and finance in the washington regi. those who had electrity and ose who did not. businesselost customers and inventorduring one o of the mostworst outages we have s seen in the region's history. first, while pepco says performance has seen improvement, d.c. mayor vincent gray remains one of the utility's loudest critics. we will talk to him about both of those topics. before we get to that, we start with jobs. the highly anticipated june jobs report cam outn friday and it was a big disappointment. ly 80,000 jobs cated last month. reo discuss those issues and more, d.c. mayor vincent gray. your third appearance on "washington business report." we keep h havinyou back becausee there are some many important issueses to discussss. thank you focoming back. weome. it has been a tough week. you did make it to thfourth of julyly parade. >> it was the nominal. it did notot det people f from cong out from the parade. i think there were more people out is year than i have seen. i hahave been there for years been betting >> . >> the first let's start with the friday
charged as a juvenile and that could change. >> reporter: police tell us the last time a preteen was charged with murder in was in 2006. as for the other biological children living in the home where this happened, they're 15- and 9 years old. they were introduced by police and child protective services will move from the home briefly and they back at home with their father. back to you, laura. >> are they saying anything about a possible motive here? >> they not say anything of that information because of the age of the victim and at the 12- year-old who was accused of murdering her. we're going to -- withes iss and hope to get more information for later. >> audrey barns, thank you. >>> we're following more breaking news out of montgomery county. someone brought a grenade to the police station. this is at the intersection of wisconsin avenue and montgomery avenue in bethesda. a resident found the old grenade and tried to turn it in. we're told that he didn't make any threats, but the station was evacuated as a precaution. the drivers are being asked to avoid the area as it unfold
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